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Term of Use

1. The contents of the uLékař website (“uLékař” and/or “the Project”) are information intended for the general public, except where stated otherwise. The main contents of the uLékař website (and mobile apps and social profiles) are: medical articles, information on medical events, and links to other medical sites or organizations, and additionally the Medical Advisory. uLékař is operated by uLékař, s.r.o., a company with the Czech national business ID (IČO) 05341051, and with its registered office at Prague 2, Šafaříkova 201/17. This company is registered in the Commercial Register of the Prague City Court, with the record number C.262183.

2. This project is protected primarily by the provisions of Czech Act no. 121/2000—the Copyright Act. The copyrights for the articles and information within it belong to their authors or to the other entities entitled to exercise these copyrights, and to the Project’s operator.

3. Advertising information (each commercial message) is visibly differentiated from the pages’ remaining content and is fully compliant with Czech Act 40/1995. Sb., on advertising regulation, in its currently valid wording.

4. The operator bears no liability for any damages caused by the use of the uLékař project.

5. The uLékař project includes the Consulting Room. This doctor’s consulting service is never a replacement for medical care; it serves as an alternative and non-binding source of information. We strongly recommend to users that, alongside the use of the Consulting Room, they also seek help from an expert, who, as someone who is in the patient’s direct presence, can diagnose and help them much more effectively. The operator notifies the website’s users that the operator bears no liability for harm to the health of users or third parties arising from the use of the Consulting Room.

6. Queries that a user sends to the Consulting Room also serve as an information source for other users with the same problems. For this reason, the Operator reserves the right to publish all queries that are addressed to doctors through the Consulting Room. The operator thus demands of users that, in their queries, they provide only information that can be published. Thus queries that include a request not to publish will not be answered, or where appropriate this request will be ignored, with a view to the fact that inquirers’ identities are always anonymized.

7. The queries and the doctor’s answers are always presented in a way that ensures that the inquirer is anonymous. The Operator complies with personal data protection principles. Answers are only provided for queries from such users as have provided agreement with the processing of their personal data. For more information on consent and on our personal data protection conditions, see here.

8. Answers to queries are provided within the period stated for the given rate type, which is in turn connected with the doctors’ working hours, i.e. on working days from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. If the operator fails to provide a response within this period, or if a technical problem occurs or a query is not handled at all despite the user’s having met the conditions for receiving a response to their query (payment; agreement to the processing of their personal data and to the anonymized publishing of their query and its answer; and accordance between the query’s nature and the goals of the Project and of the Consulting Room), the operator will provide the user with the option of one or more queries answered free of charge.

9. Users may only communicate with the doctor via the web consulting service. The operator reserves the right to arrange a different means of communication in cases of explicit interest from and consent by the user, as specified in point 10.

10. The uLékař project also includes the option to order the use of the medical facilities with which the Operator has closed a contract on cooperation. After receiving information about the user, the medical facilities communicate with the user directly. The user’s first contact with the medical facilities is arranged exclusively by the Operator.

11. Our website enables third parties to display advertisements upon it. One of the companies that displays advertisements within our website is MAFRA, a.s. Because of this, MAFRA, a.s. uses “cookies” within our website—specifically, cookies of the iBILLBOARD Ad Server: the ad-serving system used by MAFRA, a.s. Advertisements from third parties’ advertising systems are also displayed through it on our website, primarily advertisements from Google, R2B2, AppNexus, AdForm, Seznam Sklik, PubMatic, Adobe Audience Manager, and Rubicon, and these may use cookies of their own. For more on cookie processing by MAFRA, a.s., see here.
12. In situations where a user is in the position of a consumer relative to uLékař, s.r.o., and where a consumer dispute arises and cannot be settled by mutual agreement, this user in the position of a consumer can submit a proposal for an out-of-court settlement of the consumer dispute to the Czech Trade Inspection Authority (specifically to the ADR department of the Central Inspectorate, situated at Štěpánská 15, 120 00 Prague 2; email:; web: In these situations, the user in the position of a consumer can also utilize the platform for resolving consumer disputes online that has been set up by the European Commission and is available at the following address:
13. uLékař, s.r.o. reserves the right to alter pages’ contents and page access. A date of changes will always be provided for any planned fundamental changes to pages’ contents or how they are used. Last updated:

October 4th, 2018