Problem on my elbows and leg

Problem on my elbows and leg

Sorry for not writting in czechI have this problem on my elbows and leg (see pictures) for at least 4 or 5 years and on 1- would like to know if you can confirm this is psoriasis or something else 2- can you advise on a treatment? 3- i believe this is linked also to the food i eat, can you recommend something? Thank you very much in advance

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Probably this is psoriasis. In your diet reduce: alcohol, smoked meat products. Reduce smoking too. The most important factor is stress. Over the counter drugs: Bluecap - cream, spray, Dr.Michaels cream, Kerasal ointment.

MUDr. Eva Dogoši
MUDr. Eva Dogoši

Specializace: Dermatovenerologie
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